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Pulse Pilates & MVMT

Pulse Pilates & MVMT is a bespoke studio based on the gorgeous Gold Coast at Broadbeach since 1995. Our longevity has been achieved by our simple mantra "our credibility is reflected in our clients results".

Instructors are trained to the highest standard in the true and original Pilates Method and teach the original lineage of Joe Pilates work knowing as CONTROLOGY.

The studio is beautifully equiped with apparatus constructed by Gratz and Pilates Designs LLC. Come and experience True Pilates. There is only one Pilates.




Private Training

Private pilates

Small Group Classes

Kickstart Packs


Corporate training

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You Can't argue with history.

Here is some of our history.

I have been going to Pulse Pilates for close to 20 years. I began at the recommendation of my doctor and a friend of mine, Kim Jeffrey introduced me to Pulse. Dina and her staff are trained to the highest standard and impart their knowledge with expertise and incredible attention to detail. After spinal surgery two years ago I cannot achieve the level I had achieved but at all times I am treated with respect. Whilst I rue I can’t get back to my earlier level, that is reality. Kalliopy Robertson has been training me for a couple of years now and is an amazing trainer. Go Pulse

Kerry Brookes


About pilates

Private training

These sessions are tailed to each individuals needs.

- Private Pilates
- Private Personal Training
- Private Exercise Physiologist

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Duo Private Pilates

These sessions could be with your friend, your partner or with a completely stranger.


It's a good way to get a private class

and split the price!

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Small Group Pilates

These classes are for four people maximum working on the reformer + Tower & Springs. 

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MVMT Classes

Our approach to the total fitness sprectrum has enabled our clients to experience and embrace that the only thing stopping them from reaching their fitness wellbeing is themselves. We are just the vehicle!

Some of our team are excellent Personal Trainers and Exercise Physiologists with a wealth of knowledge that has been achieved over many years of experience.

Pilates Tower & Springs

You won’t find this class anywhere else on the Gold Coast. If you have had a taste of what Pilates is, this is a great class to experience and further your journey.

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