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Dina Matty

“People don’t really know how good their bodies can feel…..we help our clients find within themselves what they don’t even know is there.”

Born in London and dancing from the age of 4, Dina graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in 1983. Her career in Dance took her across the world many times. From 1991 to 1997, Dina began to focus more on Aerobics, both as an Instructor and as a competitor, as well as gaining her Personal Trainer Qualifications. On this journey, she became the UK Women’s Individual Aerobics Champion on two separate occasions and placed 5th and 12th as the Women’s Individual World Aerobics Champion.

Keith put an end to all of this globetrotting fun by marrying Dina at Sanctuary Cove in 1996, and she has called the Gold Coast home ever since. Moving to Australia from Los Angeles and missing the high standards from her previous training and working environment, Dina soon founded Pulse Fitness & Personal Training, raising the bar for personal training standards on the Gold Coast.

In 2000, Dina was so lucky she studied the Classical Pilates Method with Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Pace & Cynthia Lochard. The teachings of Joseph Pilates so inspired Dina that she continually educated herself in the Classical Pilates Method over the following 20 years, regularly travelling, training and teaching in New York, Sydney, Beijing and Auckland. Surrounded daily by clients, instructors and apprentices, Dina is seeing her community grow and evolve. Now a Level 3 Teacher Trainer, Dina continues to inspire us all; sharing her years of training experience and upholding her belief that anyone, is capable, with willpower and determination, to become their very best through training in the Classical Pilates Method.

kalliopy robertson

Kalliopy was 18 when she moved to Australia to start a new life adventure. Born in Rhodes, Greece, Kalliopy has lived in Melbourne, Singapore, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and New York but has always called the beautiful Gold Coast home.

Kalliopy’s journey into the world of Pilates started in her 40’s when she needed to get fit, fight the flab and menopausal symptoms. Practicing Pilates did just that, and she is proud to say that it has been a daily fixture in her life since 1996.
Teaching at PULSE GC since 2014, Kalliopy enjoys teaching all ages and levels with expertise in helping people with scoliosis, torticollis and spinal stenosis.


My passion and thorough knowledge of Pilates keeps me fit in mind, body and soul, and I love that an also extend this knowledge to my students. I have had the wonderful opportunity to be taught by some of the best teachers around the globe and embracing the thought that I am always learning, even at 68. If there is one thing Pilates has taught me is that you can be strong, fit and happy no matter what your age!”

When Kalliopy is not busy teaching, she is in her garden, cooking or keeping up with her family and friends on Facebook. She also like to travel and take the time to meet new people - all while practicing Pilates of course.

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Tatiane Bragagnolo

From her teenage years, Tatiane knew she wanted to dedicate her life’s work towards helping people achieve a healthy, strong body and a balanced life. Born in Curitiba, Brazil, a childhood spent playing all sports, from gymnastics to soccer, focused her life’s ambition to teach physical exercise in a way that really positively changed people’s lives.

Tatiane discovered Classical Pilates while studying her Bachelor Degree in Physical Education. Graduating in 2010 and qualifying in 2013 as an Authentic Classical Pilates instructor in Brazil, Tatiane has been improving people’s lives ever since! Tati is a qualified Exercise Physiologist recognised by The Australian Assessing Authority VETASSESS.
Making her home on the Gold Coast in 2016, Tatiane joined our team at Pulse GC, bringing her vibrant energy and brilliant classical teaching skills and knowledge to share with a new Australian audience.

“I love my work! I am very passionate about helping others feel better about themselves. It’s about helping my clients to find their confidence; to feel energized and alive; to achieve their goals; to feel strong and motivated in both their mind and body.”


A true nature lover, when she’s not teaching, Tatiane is enjoying the beautiful GC beaches, cruising with her skateboard, tranquilly meditating, laughing with her new found friends or hugging a tree in the hinterland. Travelling the world is a bonus for this bright star!

natalia nosova

A Level V Romana’s Pilates Instructor, Natalia has been teaching Pilates, Barre and Personal Training at Pulse GC since 2015. Natalia shares with us her extensive training skills and knowledge gained from over 25 years working within the Fitness Industry.

Born in Siberia, Natalia’s fitness career originally spanned between Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia. Moving across the world permanently to Australia with her family in 2007, Natalia has called the beautiful Gold Coast home ever since.

Dedicated to achieving the best result for her clients, nothing escapes Natalia’s attention. She knows when your power house is on a holiday and will help you find the strength within yourself so that you do achieve your training goals and personal physical best.
When she is not teaching, Natalia loves to cook (she is also a nutritionist) and spend time with her family and friends on our beautiful beaches and hinterland.

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pamela vedana dotto

Pamela Is from Brazil and has a degree in Physical Education and a Post Graduate Degree in Rehabilitation . She worked for 12 years as an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer her passion is to promote comprehensive health to individuals thus providing quality of life longevity and well being .

Pamela is continuing her path here in Australia and likes to look after her own health with Weight training , Pilates , Cycling and Dancing. She loves the Australian Lifestyle and can be found at the beach  doing meditation in her spare time and feels happy and fulfilled living here .

dani motta

Dani loves people and loves movement. Teaching someone how to move better avoiding injuries and improving their quality of life is her passion.  Through Pilates she feels that she can empower people to understand their bodies better and take charge of it. Dani has a Physiotherapy background in Brazil and she studied Clinical Pilates 12 years ago but it was through Romana’s Pilates that she felt strong as ever in her life, from inside out. Her goal is to help as many people as possible to experience this magic.


Dani moved to Sydney in 2009 to study English but then she felt in love with this country and decided that this was going to be her home. Dani has been teaching in Australia since then. Outside of work She loves spending time with her 1 year old daughter and her husband, riding a bike, chasing waterfalls and  being close to the ocean.