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2723 Gold Coast Hwy

Broadbeach, Gold Coast


Our studios are fully equipped with authentic Pilates equipment.


In classical Pilates, each piece of equipment is designed to assist you or challenge you, depending on your unique needs.

As your technique improves and you grow stronger, you will find that you'll be less reliant on the equipment for assistance, and will be able to start training using your own body weight as your resistance. We call this 'The Powerhouse'.

When you come to Pulse, you can expect to work with the following pieces of equipment:

  • Reformer

  • Cadillac

  • Electric Chair

  • Wunda Chair

  • Baby Chair

  • Tower

  • Guillotine

  • Magic Circle

and many other exciting accessories!

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2723 Gold Coast Hwy

Broadbeach, Gold Coast

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Unit 15 2/Case Street

Southport, Gold Coast